I am a working mom. As a workaholic person, it never occurred to me at first to have a child and my husband thinks the same because he’s a hard-working person too. We thought of saving up first before having our own child. After a year, we decided to finally be ready for a life with a child but then when I was pregnant, I grew more anxious, nervous but excited at the same time. At first, I thought I was just really excited for the birth of my child but then I grew more nervous as time passed by because it was my first time and I have no idea on the things I need to do and prepare for as a first-time mom.  

Fortunately, my mom helped me a lot with my pregnancy and I actually researched about it too, asked my doctor and readied myself for giving birth. It was useful to have so much information so I could take care of myself and my baby as well. It was difficult yet I managed to give birth after a few months to a healthy baby boy. But I actually showed and shared my pregnancy experience to other people through my blog and that was when Darwinian Fail was created. After a few years I changed my website and turned it into something else, I made it not just a blog but also a site where people can see many articles not just from me but from other people as well about their own experiences of being first-time moms. 

There are a lot of people who participated in this website by sharing their own stories. This website is open for everyone’s own experiences through pregnancy, giving birth and being a mother. I hope everyone who used and visited this website learned a lot from real life experiences.