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Darwinian Fail is a website where you can read articles and stories from other people who shared and expressed their own life experiences as mothers. From their pregnancy to before and after giving birth, you will be able to learn so much from them. Most of them are first time moms who also knew nothing at first but eventually learned a lot from their own parents, friends, and because of the help of technology as well. With this website, you can also find many things that you can use for your pregnancy which are also showcased and provided in the articles and stories we share. They are featured in this website with the goal of helping you achieve an easier pregnancy.


These items are mostly stuff for the mother and the baby such as the clothes, powdered milks, toys and everything needed for pregnancy and after birth. It’s all really helpful for those who really want to know where to get such things and where to find them especially when we want prepare for clothes for the babies, milk, diapers and others. They can be found in the stores and other shops but we provide helpful details about these items and products for better information. You can also order from this site if you don’t have time to go out and shop personally.

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