Hi, I’m having my first pregnancy so I’m really curious about the things I will experience throughout the whole 9 months. I searched a lot and ended up here in your website, I wonder what kind of stories you give?  

Hello, thank you so much for checking our website, we understand your curiosity because it’s your first time to be a mom. If you want to know what you will experience throughout your pregnancy, then you came to the right place. Darwinian Fail gives a lot of stories from moms who experienced or are still currently experiencing pregnancy. The contents here are mostly about their lives as first time mothers. They share the kinds of things they do and buy for themselves to keep healthy for the baby and the right things to do that they learned during their pregnancy. It actually gives a lot of lessons for other people so this website will definitely help you out. 

I’ve wanted to buy a lot of things for my baby since I’m about to give birth, where can I see the stuff for infants here in this website? 

Baby’s wear and other things such as baby food and others can be found in the online shop of this website. Click the ‘shop’ section at the top left corner of the website. Many stuff for babies and mothers are there along with details and information about them. And also please be reminded that the shipping fee is at the last part of the payment transaction. It varies according to your location. 

I am curious if I can share my own pregnancy experiences here at Darwinian Fail? 

Yes, you can. If you are interested in sharing your own story, feel free to email us using the information provided at the Contact Us section.